My India trek Nov 1973 - Feb 1974     -     John van der Woude    introduction
Central Karnataka  -  Guledgudd, Badami (Bijapur district)

The roads in this region were extremely quiet then...

^ He had been walking for 6 km already.

^ Digging red earth for road improvement.

^ I think this former lorry was used for accommodation.

^ Near Ramdurg.

^ Rice seller along the road from Guledgudd to Badami.

Threshing floors; the pole in the middle is for cattle to walk around and thresh the harvest.

^ My ride on an ox cart.

^Railway station of Guledgudd. At the time of my travel (winter 1973/1974) there was a shortage of fuel so many trains had been cancelled. This caused me to take the bus more often than the train.

^ Collecting coal residues after the train has left, at Guledgudd railway station.

^ Milling hole, Badami.

In dr. Rutgers' leprosy hospital at Guledgudd.

^ Badami

All pictures below: yearly temple celebration at Guledgudd.

'Measuring' the distance from the village to the temple with your body.

^ Purification ritual at the temple's entrance.

^ The entrance of the rather new temple. In this district (Bijapur) many men had a Gandhi cap.

^ The shrine raft of the lowest two photos being launched.

^ Setting up the stage for the night performance of (probably) The Mahabharata.

Improvised shrine on a raft in the temple pond.