My India trek Nov 1973 - Feb 1974     -     John van der Woude    introduction
Goa, Karwar and Mangalore

Goa estuary.
The bridge was not strong enough to support our fully loaded bus, so most of us had to walk to the other side.

^ Fish sold at Goa.

Upscale residential area in Goa. Somebody even had a car, a rarity in those days.

^ The bus going south from Goa.

^ Fishing nets and the housing of contract workers, who drag the nets from the sea while chanting all the time. They also do the repair of the nets. Actually they hardly ever leave the beach, I was told. Near Karwar.

^ At Karwar.

^ Mangalore, after a local bazaar was taken down. The above cane sugar juice shop had lost many of its clients now, but a new market hall was planned here.

^ Cloth bought in the shop could be made into clothes right outside. Mangalore.

^ Mangalore, more textiles and tailors.

^ Centre of Mangalore. Church at the background right. Almost any car you would see would be a taxi.

^ Mangalore