My India trek Nov 1973 - Feb 1974     -     John van der Woude    introduction

Mysore city. (In that time, the name Mysore was also still in use for the state Karnataka, so saying 'Mysore' was not enough when talking about the city.)

^ Entrance to the premises of the Maharadja's palace in Mysore. A visit to the palace was not possible yet.

^ Small demonstration in Mysore city, possibly related to troubles between Karnataka and Maharashtra states.

^ Mysore, food stall.

^ Restaurant where I had a rice plate for 1.5 rupee.

^ Selling oranges in Mysore city, three for one rupee.

Mysore bazaar.

Nandi the bull.

^ Fish trap at Ranganathittu.

^ Near Mudumalai/Bandipur national parks.

^ Centre of Bandipur national park.

^ The elephants of our ride through Mudumalai national park.

F^ Fodder for the transport elephants in Mudumalai national park

^ Weaver at Srirangapatnam.