Birding trip report Hungary 16-23 November 2018   -   John van der Woude
 1 = Budapest airport. Drive to ringroad M0, then M31, then M3.
 2 = hotel Borhotel Sziluett (via good hotel plus restaurant and Syrian Woodpecker in the trees behind the hotel.
 3 = Little Hortobagyi, the area north of Tiszabábolna, see Crossbill Guide Hortobagyi. Crested Lark, Hen Harrier, Crane, White-tailed Eagle.
 4 = Bodrogzug floodplain between the rivers Tisza and Bodrog. Hen Harrier, Great Grey Shrike. Tokajvar hotel in Tokaj.
 5 = Zemplen hills, now very quiet, Mistle Thrush group.
 6 = new nature reserve a few km E of Földes. Imperial Eagle, White-tailed Eagle, Red-breasted Goose, Crane. Kamilla hotel in Balmazujvaros (ask for deal via website; includes breakfast and dinner)
 7 = Hortobagyi national park and border areas. See Crossbill Guide Hortobagyi. Try all public roads through and alongside the national park. Be careful on the main road 33 (fast traffic).
Best little road at the border of the park for us starts at 3 km NE of Nádudvar at 47.456871, 21.184551. We followed this until it became too rough at 47.501937, 21.186345. Merlin, Rough-legged Buzzard, Hen Harrier, Crane.
Buy tickets for the big Halasto fish ponds at the info center in Hortobagyi village.
Above just a few bird species are mentioned.
See observado.kml in e.g. Google Earth for all recorded observations and their exact locations.
Also available in plain report form.
The Little Hortobagyi N of Tisazabábolna.
The Bodrogzug near Tokaj. Zemplen hills in the background.
River Tisza from a ferry.
Bodrogzug near Sárospatak. Hen Harrier, Great Grey Shrike.
The old library of the Kollegium in Sárospatak.
The new nature reserve E of Földes. Imperial Eagle, Crane, Red-breasted Goose.
Tree Sparrows.

The loneliness of the Hortobagyi.

Halasto fish ponds inside Hortobagyi national park. With wintering (or late) Marsh Harrier.

Three White-tailed Eagles trying to grab a Teal in the remaining shallow water, Halasto fish ponds. The Teal could not fly anymore but managed to get below the surface every time.

Corn Bunting. 
Another border area, along the small road from just E of Hortobagyi village to the NE. One of the many Hen Harriers (male) of this trip.

Red-breasted Geese just south of the Halasto fish ponds, along the access road.
Visit to the large freshwater aquarium along the Tisza river in Poroszló.
Eger for the last night. A nice town. On the way to the airport the next day we even visited Sissi's Castle in Gödöllö, very nice!
Species list (not all common species were recorded)

Red-breasted Goose - Branta ruficollis. Group of 23 along road S of Halasto fish ponds.
Greater White-fronted Goose - Anser albifrons. Large groups.
Great Egret - Ardea alba. Mostly in Halasto fish ponds.
Pygmy Cormorant - Microcarbo pygmeus. 6 in Halasto fp.
Eastern Imperial Eagle - Aquila heliaca. 3 E of Földes.
Eurasian Sparrowhawk - Accipiter nisus.
Northern Goshawk - Accipiter gentilis.
Western Marsh Harrier - Circus aeruginosus. A few.
Hen Harrier - Circus cyaneus. At 12 locations at least.
White-tailed Eagle - Haliaeetus albicilla. Several locations in Hortobagyi.
Rough-legged Buzzard - Buteo lagopus. 1 east border of Hortobagyi NP.
Common Buzzard - Buteo buteo
Water Rail - Rallus aquaticus
Common Crane - Grus grus. Severl groups.
Northern Lapwing - Vanellus vanellus
Eurasian Curlew - Numenius arquata. 108 in Halasto fish-ponds
Little Owl - Athene noctua. 2 at large farm S of Halasto fp.
Syrian Woodpecker - Dendrocopos syriacus. At 3 locations.
Great Spotted Woodpecker - Dendrocopos major
Black Woodpecker - Dryocopus martius
Merlin - Falco columbarius 2 at east border of Hortobagyi NP.
Peregrine Falcon - Falco peregrinus. At 2 locations.
Great Grey Shrike - Lanius excubitor. At six locations.
Rook - Corvus frugilegus
Northern Raven - Corvus corax
Crested Lark - Galerida cristata. Only in Little Hortobagyi.
Mistle Thrush - Turdus viscivorus. Group of 15 in Zemplen hills.
Eurasian Tree Sparrow - Passer montanus
Eurasian Bullfinch - Pyrrhula pyrrhula
Corn Bunting - Emberiza calandra
Yellowhammer - Emberiza citrinella. Several groups.