Birding trip report Bolivia+, Sep/Oct 2000

Part 4. Species list

John van der Woude, The Netherlands -   -  see also introduction to this report


This list of bird species observed on the 5-week trip includes the species for the side trips to North Chile and Buenos Aires province (Argentina). These two areas are indicated with EC (extra Chile) and EA (extra Argentina) in the two columns to the right. See the separate reports for more details about these two areas.

Explanation of columns:
zo: life zone in Bolivia according to Remsen (1989) - see further explanation at bottom of list
&: endemic species for Bolivia
*: lifer species for us
LA: Lomas de Arena near Sta. Cruz
PI: Rio Pirai at foot of Andes above Sta. Cruz
SA: Samaipata, low-elevation Andes on ' old road' from Sta. Cruz to Cochabamba
CU: Cuevas valley near Samaipata
CO: Comarapa (semi-arid and others), at end of Valle from Samaipata upwards
SI: Siberia cloud forest, well above Comarapa
JB: Jardin Botanico, mostly chaco forest, near Sta. Cruz
VV: Viru Viru airport near Sta. Cruz
TD: Trinidad surroundings, in eastern savanna lowlands (Beni province)
RI: Riberalta surroundings, in northeastern rainforest lowlands (Beni province)
AL: Laguna Alalay at Cochabamba city (2500 m altitude)
CT: Cumbre pass of La Paz and temperate shrubby forest behind it
YU: Yungas down to Chulumani

EC: extra species in North Chile
EA: extra species in Buenos Aires province (Argentina)
zo  &                                   *LA PI SA CU CO SI JB VV TD RI AL CT YU    EC EA
A                        Little Tinamou                          TD RI
USA                       Brown Tinamou *                                    YU
L                     Undulated Tinamou                          TD RI
N                  Small-billed Tinamou *         CU    SI
N                       Tataupa Tinamou *      SA                TD

NV                   Red-winged Tinamou *LA                   VV
P                        Ornate Tinamou *                                          EC
N                     Brushland Tinamou *                     VV
                        Spotted Nothura *                                             EA

N                 White-bellied Nothura *LA?
N                          Greater Rhea *                        TD
P                           Lesser Rhea                                            EC
PN                   White-tufted Grebe                                AL
P     Short-winged (Titicaca Fll) Grebe *                                 CT

N                     Pied-billed Grebe                                               EA
                            Great Grebe                                               EA
P                         Silvery Grebe                                            EC
                       Humboldt Penguin                                            EC
                 Black-browed Albatross *                                             EA

                            Cape Petrel                                            EC
                   White-chinned Petrel *                                             EA
                       Sooty Shearwater                                            EC
                        Manx Shearwater *                                             EA
                  Wilson's Storm-petrel                                               EA

                         Peruvian Booby                                            EC
W      Neotropic (Olivaceous) Cormorant                          TD RI AL    YU
                       Guanay Cormorant                                            EC
                   Red-legged Cormorant                                            EC
L                               Anhinga                          TD

             Peruvian (Chilean) Pelican                                            EC
N                       Whistling Heron *LA                JB VV TD
L                           Snowy Egret  LA                      TD    AL
A                          Capped Heron                          TD
L            Cocoi (White-necked) Heron                          TD

L                     Great White Egret                          TD
L                          Cattle Egret  LA          CO          TD
L                Striated (Green) Heron                          TD RI
NP            Black-crowned Night-heron                          TD       CT
L                 Rufescent Tiger-heron                          TD

N                 Stripe-backed Bittern *                                             EA
L                            Wood Stork                          TD
N                         Maguari Stork                          TD
L                                Jabiru                          TD
N          Whispering (Bare-faced) Ibis                          TD

N                      White-faced Ibis                                               EA
P                             Puna Ibis                                            EC
N                        Plumbeous Ibis *                        TD
N                      Buff-necked Ibis                          TD
L                            Green Ibis                          TD

N                     Roseate Spoonbill                          TD                   EA
P                      Chilean Flamingo                                            EC
P                       Andean Flamingo *                                          EC
P                Puna (James') Flamingo *                                          EC
A                       Horned Screamer                             RI

N                     Southern Screamer *                        TD
N                Fulvous Whistling-duck                                               EA
N            White-faced Whistling-duck  LA
PV                           Ruddy Duck                                AL
        Lake Duck [Argentine Blue-bill] *                                             EA

                      Black-necked Swan *                                             EA
                         Coscoroba Swan *                                             EA
P                          Andean Goose *                                 CT
L                         Orinoco Goose                          TD
NV                            Comb Duck *LA          CO

N                        Brazilian Teal *                                             EA
               Chiloe (Southern) Wigeon *                                             EA
PV        Speckled (Yellow-billed) Teal                                            EC
P                          Crested Duck *                                          EC
P         Yellow-billed (Brown) Pintail                                               EA

                              Puna Teal                                AL
P                           Silver Teal *                              AL CT
PV                        Cinnamon Teal                                AL
N                          Red Shoveler *                                             EA
N        Rosy-billed Pochard [Rosybill] *LA

N                     Black-headed Duck *                                             EA
L                American Black Vulture  LA PI SA          JB    TD RI
W                        Turkey Vulture  LA PI SA CU CO    JB    TD
A         Greater Yellow-headed Vulture                             RI
PV                        Andean Condor *            CO SI

L                          King Vulture                          TD RI
LU         American Swallow-tailed Kite                 SI          RI
NV           White-tailed (Bl.Sh.) Kite                                               EA
N                            Snail Kite                          TD
L                        Plumbeous Kite     PI                      RI       YU

N                   Long-winged Harrier                             RI
P                     Cinereous Harrier                                               EA
TSN                 Plain-breasted Hawk                                               EA
L                      Great Black-hawk  LA                      TD          YU
N                         Savannah Hawk                          TD

N                          Harris' Hawk                                               EA
A                   Black-collared Hawk                          TD
VP          Black-chested Buzzard-eagle           CU
A                             Grey Hawk                             RI
LV                        Roadside Hawk  LA PI    CU CO SI JB    TD

N                     White-tailed Hawk     PI                   TD
VP                      Red-backed Hawk *            CO    JB?
P                  Puna (Variable) Hawk                                            EC
A                                Osprey                             RI
P                     Mountain Caracara                 SI

N                      Crested Caracara  LA PI SA          JB    TD
L                Yellow-headed Caracara  LA                      TD
                      Chimango Caracara *                                             EA
USA                Barred Forest-falcon                 SI
W                      American Kestrel        SA                TD

PN                      Aplomado Falcon  LA
L                            Bat Falcon                          TD RI
L                   Speckled Chachalaca                          TD          YU
H                           Andean Guan                 SI                   YU
A                           Spix's Guan                          TD

A             Blue-throated Piping-guan                          TD
U            Rufous-breasted Wood-quail                                      YU
A                    Rufous-sided Crake                                               EA
L                 Grey-necked Wood-rail                    JB    TD
                        Giant Wood-rail *                                             EA

VP                       Plumbeous Rail                                               EA
NP                       Common Moorhen                    JB          AL CT
N                Spot-flanked Gallinule *                                             EA
N                     White-winged Coot *                                             EA
PV                          Andean Coot                                AL CT

                      Red-gartered Coot *                                             EA
                       Red-fronted Coot *                                             EA
P                            Giant Coot *                                          EC
A                            Sunbittern                          TD
N                               Limpkin                          TD

N                    Red-legged Seriema *                     VV
L                        Wattled Jacana  LA                JB
                 American Oystercatcher                                               EA
                 Blackish Oystercatcher                                            EC
                     Black-necked Stilt                                               EA

P                         Andean Avocet *                                          EC
LP           Lesser (Am.) Golden Plover                                               EA
              Grey (Bl.-bellied) Plover                                               EA
                            Puna Plover *                                          EC
N                      Southern Lapwing  LA                   VV TD

P                        Andean Lapwing *                                 CT
NP                 South American Snipe *                                             EA
                             Puna Snipe *                                          EC
PN                     Hudsonian Godwit *                                             EA
            Hudsonian Curlew (Whimbrel)                                            EC

LP                     Upland Sandpiper                          TD
LP                   Greater Yellowlegs                                            EC
LP                    Lesser Yellowlegs                    JB
L                    Solitary Sandpiper  LA                      TD
L                     Spotted Sandpiper                    JB       RI

                        Ruddy Turnstone                                            EC
L                White-rumped Sandpiper                                            EC
PV                    Baird's Sandpiper                                            EC
LPV                  Pectoral Sandpiper                                            EC
L               Buff-breasted Sandpiper                                               EA

P               Grey-breasted Seedsnipe                                            EC
                          Pomarine Skua                                               EA
                            Arctic Skua                                               EA
                       Band-tailed Gull                                            EC
                           Olrog's Gull                                               EA

                              Grey Gull                                            EC
                              Kelp Gull                                            EC
             Grey-headed (-hooded) Gull                                               EA
                      Brown-hooded Gull                                               EA
PV                          Andean Gull                                AL

P                       Franklin's Gull                                            EC
                           Elegant Tern                                            EC
                           Cayenne Tern                                               EA
                    South American Tern                                            EC
                     Snowy-crowned Tern *                                             EA

A                    Yellow-billed Tern                             RI
A                     Large-billed Tern                          TD
                              Inca Tern                                            EC
A                         Black Skimmer                                               EA
N                       Picazuro Pigeon *LA                      TD

TS                   Band-tailed Pigeon                 SI                   YU
L                    Pale-vented Pigeon                          TD
UA                     Plumbeous Pigeon                                      YU
W                            Eared Dove        SA                TD    AL
                      White-winged Dove                                            EC

                            Scaled Dove                          TD
N            Plain-breasted Ground-dove  LA PI       CO    JB    TD
L                     Ruddy Ground-dove                          TD RI
W                     Picui Ground-dove *                        TD
VP               Bare-faced Ground-dove                                AL

P            Golden-spotted Ground-dove                                            EC
LV                    White-tipped Dove        SA       SI
SU      White-faced (Large-tailed) Dove *      SA
A                     Grey-fronted Dove                          TD
A                      Ruddy Quail-dove                                      YU

L                 Blue-and-yellow Macaw                          TD
N   &               Blue-throated Macaw *                        TD
A                   Red-and-green Macaw                          TD
V   &                 Red-fronted Macaw              CO
A                Chestnut-fronted Macaw                          TD RI

N                 Golden-collared Macaw *                        TD
N                 Blue-crowned Parakeet *LA    SA    CO    JB
V                       Mitred Parakeet        SA CU CO SI
A                 Dusky-headed Parakeet                          TD RI
N                Peach-fronted Parakeet *LA                      TD

NU               Green-cheeked Parakeet *         CU                         YU
NV                        Monk Parakeet *                                             EA
PT                      Andean Parakeet                                   CT
                  Blue-winged Parrotlet  LA                JB VV TD
LV            Yellow-chevroned Parakeet *LA PI       CO    JB VV TD RI

A                    Blue-headed Parrot                          TD
US                    Red-billed Parrot                                      YU
N                   Scaly-headed Parrot *LA?
LV   Turquoise-fronted (Blue-fr) Parrot *         CU CO
A      Yellow-crowned (Y-headed) Parrot                          TD RI

L                  Orange-winged Parrot                          TD
H                    Scaly-naped Parrot        SA?
A                          Mealy Parrot                             RI
LU                      Squirrel Cuckoo           CU       JB       RI
A                  Black-bellied Cuckoo                             RI

A                               Hoatzin                          TD
A                           Greater Ani                          TD
L                     Smooth-billed Ani  LA PI             JB    TD RI
                      Groove-billed Ani                                            EC
NV                         Guira Cuckoo *LA    SA          JB    TD

L                        Striped Cuckoo                          TD RI
L                  Tropical Screech-owl                                      YU
PVN                    Great Horned Owl                          TD
L                 Ferruginous Pygmy-owl                          TD
                     Peruvian Pygmy-Owl *                                          EC

NP                        Burrowing Owl  LA                   VV
N                      Lesser Nighthawk                                            EC
N                 Band-tailed Nighthawk                          TD RI
L                              Pauraque                          TD RI
LV              Scissor-tailed Nightjar *            CO

H               Chestnut-collared Swift                 SI
L                  White-collared Swift  LA       CU                         YU
A                     Pale-rumped Swift *                           RI
A                    Short-tailed Swift                             RI
N                     Ashy-tailed Swift *         CU

S                    White-tipped Swift           CU
V                          Andean Swift                                            EC
                 Fork-tailed Palm-swift                             RI
A                Pale-tailed Barbthroat *                           RI
                            hermit spec                                      YU

AU                   Long-tailed Hermit                          TD
F                       Planalto Hermit *   PI    CU
N            Swallow-tailed Hummingbird *                        TD
S                      Green Violet-ear                                      YU
A                  Black-throated Mango     PI !

N            Glittering-bellied Emerald *            CO
LU                Fork-tailed Woodnymph                                      YU
A                White-chinned Sapphire                          TD
N         Gilded Sapphire (Hummingbird) *         CU
             White-throated Hummingbird                                               EA

N             White-tailed Goldenthroat     PI
V             White-bellied Hummingbird *      SA    CO                      YU
V                     Giant Hummingbird                 SI
PT  &              Black-hooded Sunbeam *                                 CT
PT                   Great Sapphirewing *                                 CT

TS                        Collared Inca                                      YU
TP         Violet-throated Starfrontlet                 SI             AL
V              Green-tailed Trainbearer              CO
V                      Red-tailed Comet *            CO
TP                     Tyrian Metaltail                 SI                CT

SU                    Long-tailed Sylph                                      YU
                      Oasis Hummingbird *                                          EC
                     Peruvian Sheartail *                                          EC
U                       Crested Quetzal                 SI
S                 Golden-headed Quetzal                                      YU

A                   Black-tailed Trogon                          TD RI
A                   White-tailed Trogon                             RI
SU                        Masked Trogon                 SI                   YU
LU                  Blue-crowned Trogon     PI                   TD
A                     Violaceous Trogon                             RI

LV                    Ringed Kingfisher              CO          TD
L                     Amazon Kingfisher                          TD RI
L                      Green Kingfisher                          TD RI
A           Green-and-rufous Kingfisher                             RI
L                   Blue-crowned Motmot                    JB    TD RI       YU

L                 Rufous-tailed Jacamar                          TD
A                      Paradise Jacamar                             RI
A                 White-necked Puffbird                             RI
NV                 Spot-backed Puffbird *   PI SA    CO
L                 Black-fronted Nunbird                    JB    TD RI

A                 White-fronted Nunbird                             RI
A                          Swallow-wing                             RI
A                  Black-spotted Barbet                             RI
S                  Blue-banded Toucanet *                                    YU
A                Chestnut-eared Aracari                          TD

A                       Cuvier's Toucan                             RI
N                           Toco Toucan *                        TD
AU                 White-wedged Piculet *                  JB
A                       unknown piculet *                        TD still sorting out this
N                      White Woodpecker *                        TD

A              Yellow-tufted Woodpecker                    JB
V              White-fronted Woodpecker *            CO
N                    Striped Woodpecker *            CO
LU                    Little Woodpecker                          TD
A              Spot-breasted Woodpecker                             RI

                Green-barred Woodpecker *                                             EA
PT                       Andean Flicker                                   CT
N                         Campo Flicker *LA                   VV TD
A             Scaly-breasted Woodpecker                             RI
N               Pale-crested Woodpecker *                        TD

A              Rufous-headed Woodpecker
L                   Lineated Woodpecker           CU                         YU
L            Crimson-crested Woodpecker           CU                RI
LV               Olivaceous Woodcreeper                             RI
SF            Strong-billed Woodcreeper                                      YU

LU             Black-banded Woodcreeper                 SI       TD
A           Straight-billed Woodcreeper                    JB       RI
A                   Striped Woodcreeper *                           RI
A             Buff-throated Woodcreeper                             RI
NV            Narrow-billed Woodcreeper *      SA    CO

H    Spot-crowned (Montane) Woodcreeper                 SI                   YU
L                 Red-billed Scythebill                          TD
P                            Puna Miner *                                          EC
V   &             Bolivian Earthcreeper *            CO
P          Straight-billed Earthcreeper *                                          EC

V                     Rock Earthcreeper *                                          EC
P           Scale-throated Earthcreeper *                                          EC
            White-throated Earthcreeper *                                          EC
P           Plain-breasted Earthcreeper *                                          EC
PT                 Bar-winged Cinclodes                                            EC

                 White-winged Cinclodes                                            EC
NV                       Rufous Hornero *LA PI SA    CO    JB    TD
                   Tufted Tit-spinetail *                                             EA
                 Streaked Tit-spinetail                                            EC
PT  &        Black-throated Thistletail *                                 CT

NV              Sooty-fronted Spinetail *      SA                TD
HPT                   Azara's Spinetail                 SI                CT YU
                       Chicli Spinetail *                                             EA
L               Plain-crowned Spinetail                    JB
NV              Ochre-cheeked Spinetail *      SA

V              Stripe-crowned Spinetail *            CO
    &         Iquico (Maquis) Canastero *                                 CT
P                 Cordilleran Canastero *                                          EC
VPT               Dark-winged Canastero *                                          EC
                     Hudson's Canastero *                                             EA

VP             Streak-fronted Thornbird *            CO
             Freckle-breasted Thornbird *                                             EA
              Bay-capped Wren-spinetail *                                             EA
                     Wren-like Rushbird                                               EA
               Curve-billed Reedhaunter *                                             EA

            Straight-billed Reedhaunter *                                             EA
                      Firewood-gatherer *                                             EA
TS                   Pearled Treerunner                                   CT
N                      Rufous Cachalote *                        TD
A    Striped Woodhaunter [Striped Foliag                            RI

US                   Striped Treehunter *                                    YU
L                       Great Antshrike                          TD
L                      Barred Antshrike                          TD
F     Chestnut-backed (Lined) Antshrike *   PI       CO
A                   Amazonian Antshrike                             RI

W                    Variable Antshrike *      SA
SV              Rufous-capped Antshrike *               SI
A                 Spot-winged Antshrike                             RI
UF                       Plain Antvireo                                      YU
A            Amazonian Streaked Antwren                             RI

                      Ihering's Antwren *                           RI
A                          Grey Antbird                          TD
A                      Blackish Antbird *                        TD?
UN                White-backed Fire-eye                    JB
A                      Warbling Antbird                             RI

A                      Silvered Antbird                          TD
A                Black-spotted Bare-eye                             RI
TS                Rufous-faced Antpitta *               SI
                        Masked Antpitta *                           RI
U                       Slaty Gnateater *                                    YU

        Gray (from Unicolored) Tapaculo *               SI
(P)                   Diademed Tapaculo *                                 CT
PT                  Red-crested Cotinga                 SI                CT
               White-tipped Plantcutter *            CO                AL

TS                    Barred Fruiteater                 SI
A                        Screaming Piha                             RI
A                 Bare-necked Fruitcrow                             RI
A                    Red-headed Manakin                             RI
U                        Yungas Manakin *                                    YU

A        Sulphur-bellied Tyrant-manakin *                           RI
H              Streak-necked Flycatcher                                      YU
TSP             Tawny-rumped Tyrannulet *               SI
LV        Southern Beardless Tyrannulet                                      YU
LV            Mouse-coloured Tyrannulet *LA          CO

NV             Chaco Suiriri Flycatcher *LA          CO
TSP               White-crested Elaenia                 SI                CT
LV                 Small-billed Elaenia *      SA
S                         Slaty Elaenia *            CO
TSP           White-throated Tyrannulet                 SI                   YU

N                      Sooty Tyrannulet *                                             EA
V                Greater Wagtail-tyrant *            CO
PTV                   Tufted Tit-tyrant                                   CT
P             Many-coloured Rush-tyrant *                                             EA
                      Warbling Doradito *                                             EA

LV              Yellow-olive Flycatcher           CU
LV             Bran-coloured Flycatcher                                               EA
                    Cinnamon Flycatcher                 SI                   YU
V                      Cliff Flycatcher              CO                      YU
SU       Smoke-coloured (Greater) Pewee              CO                      YU

UF                         Black Phoebe           CU                         YU
L                 Vermillion Flycatcher  LA                JB    TD
PT          Rufous-breasted Chat-tyrant                 SI
VPT             D'orbigny's Chat-tyrant                                   CT
PT             White-browed Chat-tyrant                                            EC

N                  White-rumped Monjita *                        TD
N                         White Monjita *                        TD
P            Rufous-naped Ground-tyrant *                                          EC
P                    Puna Ground-tyrant *                                 CT
P               Cinereous Ground-tyrant *                                          EC

P           White-fronted Ground-tyrant *                                          EC
P                        Andean Negrito *                                          EC
U                         Andean Tyrant *               SI
W             White-winged Black-tyrant                 SI
N                     Spectacled Tyrant *                                             EA

L             Black-backed Water-tyrant                          TD
L             White-headed Marsh-tyrant                          TD
LV                 Yellow-browed Tyrant *                                             EA
N                         Cattle Tyrant  LA                      TD
A                       Cinnamon Attila                             RI

A       Dull-capped (White-eyed) Attila                             RI
LV                     Rufous Casiornis *                  JB                YU
AUS             Dusky-capped Flycatcher        SA       SI                   YU
L                 Swainson's Flycatcher *                  JB
LV             Brown-crested Flycatcher        SA    CO    JB

LV                    Tropical Kingbird  LA PI                   TD
L                Fork-tailed Flycatcher  LA                   VV TD RI
L                      Eastern Kingbird                          TD
LV                Variegated Flycatcher                                      YU
               Crowned Slaty-flycatcher *                  JB

L                Boat-billed Flycatcher                    JB    TD
LV                  Streaked Flycatcher     PI                      RI
A             Rusty-margined Flycatcher                          TD          YU
L                    Piratic Flycatcher                             RI       YU
L                       Lesser Kiskadee                          TD

LV                       Great Kiskadee  LA PI SA    CO    JB
AU     Thrushlike Schiffornis [Manakin]                             RI
S                         Barred Becard *               SI
L                   White-winged Becard                          TD
LU                       Crested Becard *               SI

A                   Black-tailed Tityra                          TD
AU                        Masked Tityra                             RI       YU
A                  White-winged Swallow                          TD RI
N                  White-rumped Swallow *                                             EA
L                  Brown-chested Martin *                              AL

LV                        Purple Martin                 SI
L                  Grey-breasted Martin                          TD RI
W                Blue-and-white Swallow        SA                            YU
T                   Pale-footed Swallow                 SI
W            Sand Martin (Bank Swallow)              CO

PT                       Andean Swallow                                   CT
W                          Barn Swallow                          TD
P                      Correndera Pipit *                                             EA
L               Black-capped Donacobius                          TD
L                      Thrush-like Wren                    JB

                             Grass Wren                                               EA
L                    Fawn-breasted Wren *                  JB    TD
W                            House Wren        SA etc.
ST                        Mountain Wren                                      YU
N              Chalk-browed Mockingbird *LA

N              White-banded Mockingbird *LA                      TD
SU                     Andean Solitaire                                      YU
US                White-eared Solitaire *               SI
VPT                    Chiguanco Thrush              CO
PT                         Great Thrush                 SI                CT

UF                  Andean Slaty-thrush *               SI
NV                Rufous-bellied Thrush *      SA    CO
LV                Creamy-bellied Thrush *      SA          JB
A                   Black-billed Thrush                             RI
UA                  White-necked Thrush           CU                         YU

NV                   Masked Gnatcatcher *            CO
N                          Purplish Jay *      SA          JB    TD          YU
NV                    Plush-crested Jay *   PI             JB    TD
U                             Green Jay                                      YU
ov                        House Sparrow              CO etc

LV           Rufous-browed Peppershrike        SA
V                         Hooded Siskin        SA    CO
PT                         Black Siskin *                                 CT
P                  Yellow-rumped Siskin                                            EC
NUV                     Tropical Parula     PI SA CU CO                      YU

NV                  Masked Yellowthroat                          TD
U               Slate-throated Redstart                                      YU
VU                Brown-capped Redstart *            CO
TS                  Spectacled Redstart                 SI                CT
TS                      Citrine Warbler                                   CT

                     Two-banded Warbler                                      YU (sound)   
FN               Golden-crowned Warbler           CU             TD
A                    Rose-breasted Chat *                           RI
FU                           Bananaquit              CO
VPT                  Cinereous Conebill                                            EC
T                  Blue-backed Conebill                                   CT

SU                  Common Bush-tanager           CU    SI                   YU
T             Orange-browed Hemispingus *                                 CT
T             Three-striped Hemispingus *                                 CT
HPT             Rust-and-yellow Tanager *                                    YU
L                         Guira Tanager *                        TD

S                         Slaty Tanager *                                    YU
A                 Flame-crested Tanager                             RI
LUV                     Hepatic Tanager        SA    CO
AU                Silver-beaked Tanager           CU       JB    TD
NV                       Sayaca Tanager *LA PI SA    CO    JB    TD

A                          Palm Tanager                                      YU
H                   Blue-capped Tanager                 SI                   YU
V               Blue-and-yellow Tanager        SA CO                         YU
T               Hooded Mountain-tanager                                   CT
T      Scarlet-bellied Mountain-tanager                                   CT

SU         Blue-winged Mountain-tanager                 SI
UVF               Fawn-breasted Tanager        SA
VL             Purple-throated Euphonia              CO    JB    TD
A                 Thick-billed Euphonia                                      YU
V       Golden-rumped (Blue-h) Euphonia        SA

US              Saffron-crowned Tanager                                      YU
A         Masked (Blackbanded) Tanager *                           RI
A                    Black-faced Dacnis *                           RI
A                           Blue Dacnis                             RI       YU?
A               Red-legged Honeycreeper                             RI

A                       Swallow Tanager        SA
W               Rufous-collared Sparrow     PI SA etc
A                 Yellow-browed Sparrow                          TD
HPT            Rufous-naped Brush-finch                 SI                CT
H             Stripe-headed Brush-finch        SA       SI

N                  Red-crested Cardinal *                        TD
N                Yellow-billed Cardinal *   PI
NV      Red Pileated-finch (Red-crest.) *      SA
PT            Black-hooded Sierra-finch *                                          EC
                  Peruvian Sierra-finch *                                 CT

V                 Mourning Sierra-finch *                                          EC
P                Plumbeous Sierra-finch                                   CT
P             Ash-breasted Sierra-finch                                            EC
V                    Grey-crested Finch *      SA    CO
N                Long-tailed Reed-finch *                                             EA

P              White-winged Diuca-finch *                                 CT
                   Slender-billed Finch *                                          EC
VPT         Rufous-sided Warbling-finch *            CO
(T)   Black-and-chestnut Warbling-finch *      SA
        Black-and-rufous Warbling-finch *                                             EA

V                 Ringed Warbling-finch *      SA
VL          Black-capped Warbling-finch *      SA    CO
P            Bright-rumped Yellow-finch                                   CT
VP                Greenish Yellow-finch                                            EC
VP                        Saffron Finch        SA    CO       VV

                 Grassland Yellow-finch  LA
NVP                   Great Pampa-finch *                     VV TD
L                  Blue-black Grassquit        SA             VV
LV            Double-collared Seedeater                             RI
L               White-bellied Seedeater *                        TD

N               Tawny-bellied Seedeater *                        TD
A            Chestnut-bellied Seedeater                             RI
            Chestnut-throated Seedeater *                                          EC
VPT               Band-tailed Seedeater                 SI
P              Plain-coloured Seedeater                                   CT

PT            Moustached Flower-piercer *                                 CT
          Black-throated Flower-piercer *                                 CT
PTV &       Grey-bellied Flower-piercer *                                 CT
TS                Masked Flower-piercer                 SI                   YU
HV                Black-backed Grosbeak     PI       CO

L                      Greyish Saltator                          TD
VPT              Golden-billed Saltator        SA    CO
VN                 Ultramarine Grosbeak        SA    CO
                     Crested Oropendola           CU       JB       RI
US               Dusky-green Oropendola *                                    YU

A              Russet-backed Oropendola                                      YU
TS                     Mountain Cacique                                   CT
L              Solitary (Black) Cacique *                        TD
L                Orange-backed Troupial                          TD
P               Yellow-winged Blackbird                                AL CT

N                White-browed Blackbird *LA
                    Peruvian Meadowlark                                            EC
                 Brown-yellow Marshbird *                                             EA
N              Scarlet-headed Blackbird *                        TD
N                       Chopi Blackbird *LA                JB

VN                   Bay-winged Cowbird *            CO          TD
LV                        Shiny Cowbird  LA    SA
Explanation of first column, with life zone indications from Remsen & Taylor 1989 - An annotated list of the birds of Bolivia:
A: Amazonian lowlands
N: Non-amazonian lowlands
L: Lowlands in general
F: Andean foothills
U: Upper tropical zone
S: Subtropical zone
T: Temperate zone
H: T + S + U + occasionally F
P: Puna zone
PT: Puna/Temperate (transition zone or both zones...)
V: Valle zone (drier intermontane basins/valleys)
W: widespread