Photos of birding trip The Gambia (West Africa) 18-25 November 2002
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John  van der Woude, The Netherlands
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"Green Monkey" (Cercopithecus aethiops sabaeus) on one of the many trails in  Bijilo forest park. They use the trails as much as we do, and they often just pass you seemingly without noticing you (until you make a sudden movement). The other monkey in this "monkey park" is the impressive Red Colobus (Piliocolobus badius temminckii). These were always in the trees.

Entrance road to Bijilo forest park. Quite varied habitats, good for birding before you enter the park.

The "ornithological trail" in Bijilo forest park. Apparently there is seasonally (not now) a strong wind from the sea to the right. Oriole Warbler in the bushes here.

Kotu fish ponds, good for waders, ducks, swallows.

Crocodile Pond in Abuko national park. Black Crake often on the grass on the foreground left. Giant Kingfisher active here (a pair). Even good for raptors.

Abuko NP at the transition from the forested part on the background to the more open wooded savanna in the foreground.

Tanji beach with waders (the larger ones are Black-tailed Godwit)

Brufut area, an open wooded savanna with abundant bird life.

Bird guide Sanna and me in the Brufut area. At about this spot we had both Striped and Pygmy Kingfisher (dry bush kingfishers; no water nearby).

A very overgrown part of the old abandoned shrimp ponds of Pirang. Good for several swallow species, but no reed warblers heard.

A more recently abandoned shrimp pond of Pirang. Some waders, and Blue-cheeked Bee-eater near the mangroves in the background.

The famous Bush Track near Faraba Banta/Pirang. Good for raptors around midday, in the air as well as in the trees.

Marakissa area, a true savanna woodland.

Marakissa woodland.

Restaurant Dardeema in the Kololi hotel and shop area, along the road to Bijilo park. Cosy, clean and good, with a quiet location.