Yemen Oct/Nov 1992
East and South
John van der Woude,
A long trip East and South of Sana'a:
first to the big desert (Rub al Khali), then to the South coast, and back via Taiz.

^ Marib, the last town before the desert. ^

^ Protection against the dust and the sun. ^

^ Deflating the tyres before entering the sand. ^

^ The landmark hill for finding Shabwa, the 'crossroads' for now and long ago. ^

^ Shabwa. ^

^ Excavations at Shabwa. Here the old silk route passed, and Shabwa seems to be derived from Sheba (the Queen of Sheba). ^

^ From Shabwa to the South. Note the fata morgana. ^

^ Leaving the sand desert behind us. ^

^ Ataq, the first town. ^

^ Habban, ca. 70 km before reaching the sea. ^

^ Near Taiz. This is a rather green part of Yemen. ^

^ "Middle East Auto Parts showroom". ^